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Luxury apartment for rent in mipec riverside

(Update: 2/28/2018 8:55:14 PM)

We specialize in renting 3 bedroom Mipec Riverside apartments or 2 modern luxury bedrooms and fully equipped.

Luxury apartment for rent in mipec riverside

We specialize in renting 3 bedroom Mipec Riverside apartments or 2 modern luxury bedrooms and fully equipped. If you are looking for a permanent and stable place for yourself and your family with no big investment. You can consider renting our Mipec Riverside 3 bedroom apartments conveniently

Mipec Riverside 3 bedroom luxury apartment for rent

Apartment for rent at Mipec Riverside is very conveniently located. Mipec Riverside is located at 2 Long Bien II Street, Ngoc Lam Ward, Long Bien District with a total investment of more than 3000 billion. This is the most luxurious residential area in Long Bien District, bringing satisfaction to customers not only in luxury, but also in favorable location as well as convenient transportation. Mipec Riverside Apartment is located right next to the Red River, Long Bien Bridge and Chuong Duong Bridge to the center of Hanoi, only 2.5 km away from Hoan Kiem lake. The view of Mipec Riverside Long Bien is designed overlooking the Red River or Tai Trau Lake, providing a spacious setting for the whole apartment.

Located not far from the center of the capital, around Mipec Riverside is a system of schools at all levels, convenient for parents to take children to school and the system of general and specialist hospitals, clothing. health care for residents.
Surrounding Mipec Riverside is extremely convenient for residents such as: Ngoc Lam Secondary School System II, Gia Thuy Secondary School, Ai Mo Primary School, Sai Dong Secondary School, Ngoc Thuy Market. residents shopping food, ...
From floors 1 to 6 of the twin towers are dedicated to functional, commercial and recreational functions, including full facilities for modern and dynamic living. There are commercial centers, cinemas ... as a living complex with full facilities to meet the needs of the population.
Mipec Riverside 3-bedroom apartment for rent with area of ​​120 m2, located in the middle of the building A. The apartment is fully equipped with necessary furniture and services such as: fiber optic system, water and electricity, cleaning services.
The balcony overlooking the Red River with beautiful feng shui is the highlight of the apartment. Investors always pay attention to the needs of residents should design modern, luxurious, take advantage of all areas of the apartment. The pots on the balcony as well as in the room bring fresh air to the house. All of this will really satisfy the needs of you and your family.

Many luxury facilities when renting apartment Mipec Riverside Long Bien

The goal of the Mipec Riverside investment project is to design modern apartments in the international arena, but still have the space to live as a real home. Therefore, the apartment complex includes many convenient services such as: commercial area including supermarket, restaurant, shopping, banking, sports center, health care center and beauty, 3D cinema, swimming pool international standards.
In addition, a 3-storey carport is also available for the residents' transportation. You will feel life is easy and simple as just moving a few minutes, you can endless shopping or entertainment. In addition, the high-end Mipec Riverside apartment has gardens that hang along the green campus to provide a natural environment for residents to relax to enjoy the spirit.
What's more, after a series of tired working hours, you can relax in the comfort of your own home with luxurious Mipec Riverside apartments. The quality of service is best, 24/24 security helps you to have a meaningful life after stressful working hours, the family has a comfortable living space, close to nature and special security.