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Mipec Long Bien - a new paradise of Ha Noi young

(Update: 9/11/2017 8:30:19 PM)

Mipec Riverside Located at the intersection of Ha Noi East, nearly two large bridges spanning the Red River are Long Bien Bridge and Chuong Duong Bridge.

Mipec Long Bien - a new paradise of Ha Noi young

No longer crowded in the cramped market to shop or crawl among the small streets to find food, young people are trending to choose the destination is the Trade Center show Great gadgets where all needs are in one destination.

Things worth mentioning Mipec Riverside Long Bien

Mipec Riverside Long Bien Opened for 1 year (30/7/2016), Mipec Riverside Long Bien is located at the intersection of Ha Noi East, near two major bridges spanning Red River, Long Bien Bridge and Chuong Duong Bridge, Mipec Long Bien is considered a new paradise of entertainment, where convergence of unique points, promising to bring Hanoi people the shopping experience, cuisine, fun, entertainment is extremely attractive

Mipec Riverside Long Bien For Rent.

Come to Mipec Riverside Long Bien Apartment, young Hanoi certainly can not miss Amazing Town - Magic City. This is the largest and most modern gaming center in Hanoi, with 311 game machines and games, with modern design, combined with ultra-vivid simulation effects. Come to Mipec Long Bien and become the first inhabitants of the modern gaming empire.

For the first time in Hanoi, Galaxy Cinema with its seven modern and luxurious movie theaters, combined with sharp visual effects and live sound, will definitely not disappoint. What better way to experience the 5-star movie space, watch the latest blockbuster movies such as Annielele 2, The Lies of the Moon 3, Captain America - Civil War, X-Men ... at a very edge price. Paint and spin the luck to own unique and attractive gifts from Galaxy Cinema.

Fitness enthusiasts and yoga lovers will no longer have to go far to work out at the California's largest fitness center, the California Fitness & Yoga Center. Well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, lighting, music and world-class coaching staff, the California Fitness & Yoga Center will be the ideal training ground for guests. During the launch of Mipec Long Bien, the California Fitness & Yoga Center offers the opportunity to experience a totally free health and fitness assessment service worth millions of dollars.

The new shopping paradise of the capital's people

Capitalists will not need to go to Paris for French shopping. At Mipec Long Bien, the leading French retailer, Auchan brings 12,000 types of consumer products - household appliances, meeting all the needs of every customer. In addition, Auchan Long Bien offers customers attractive promotions.

With the "followers" of electronics, Pico Supermarket - a unit specializing in distribution and supply of electrical products of the world famous brands, with professional service style, Competitive pricing will definitely satisfy every customer. Enjoy delicious dishes in a space to "check-in" and check-in has become a familiar trend of youth. Coming to the Golden Gate restaurant system at Mipec Long Bien, such as Gogi House, Kichi-Kichi, Cowboy Jack's, guests will experience the delicious dishes, decorated beautifully from the chefs famous in the world.
Only a 7 minute drive from the city center, Mipec Riverside Long Bien 2 bedroom apartments for rent with modern facilities will be the shopping, dining, entertainment and entertainment paradise of the capital city.