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Real estate market in Long Bien district - opportunities and potential

(Update: 1/25/2018 9:15:32 PM)

With the advantages of landscape and transport infrastructure, Long Bien district has been affirming its position as the "economic gateway" in the East of Hanoi. Especially, this place also promises to become the new focus of the real estate market with potential and value added outstanding in the future.

Real estate market in Long Bien district - opportunities and potential

Potential for adding value from infrastructure

About 10 years ago, when referring to real estate in Long Bien area many people still have psychological fear to stop the river bridge, lack of high-level utility services, average social security facilities do not correspond to the needs of the day. The higher the population.
However, about 5 years ago, when looking at the picture of urban - social Long Bien district, many people are surprised with a modern scene, utility, complete infrastructure. The real estate market in this area is also "booming" with many modern projects.
In fact, one of the important factors promoting the attractiveness of the market in Long Bien district is the policy of Hanoi when approving the district to deploy a series of key projects in the area, Help to joint the infrastructure of Long Bien area with neighboring areas.
The infrastructure has been synchronous, many new roads have been upgraded and expanded, with easy connections such as: Ngo Gia Tu Street, Dong Tru Bridge, Vinh Tuy Bridge, Highway 5. Most recently, the project invested two road projects from Red River dyke to Thanh Tri Bridge and Cau Bai - Thach Ban route to expand and connect with the large traffic network in the gateway area of ​​Dong Thanh city.
Along with that, the elements of landscapes and ecological environment are increasingly built according to the criteria of green, fresh and close to nature has contributed to creating attraction for real estate projects where here.
Along with the development of infrastructure, location, landscape, land bank with attractive price is also the force, helping the real estate market create attractive attraction.
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Mipec Riverside.

Close to the historic Long Bien bridge and less than 3 km away from Hoan Kiem Lake, Mipec Riverside is a multi-functional complex with nearly 17,000sq.m including 03 basement parking, two 35-storey towers. 06 fully serviced commercial center and more than 800 high-end apartments (including 2 Penthouse apartments) with 18 types of apartments ranging in size from 77m2 to 144m2. the diverse needs of customers. The apartments are well-designed, light-filled and have open views towards the Red River, Long Bien bridge, Nhat Tan bridge ... The apartment is furnished luxuriously, elegantly with technological facilities. high, modern. In addition, with a construction density of only 43.9% of the total land area, the remaining area is reserved for public works, premises, greenery and internal roads satisfying the demand for one Living space of the residents.