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Utilities and facilities in Mipec Riverside

(Update: 12/28/2017 12:44:30 AM)

With the highest desiring to build a renewable energy living space for residents living in Mipec Riverside Long Bien, the developer has dedicated to developing the idea of "The best place to live in Hanoi city".

The ideal of design is a harmonious combination of nature with contemporary world architecture and dynamic living facilities to provide a perfect living for the health and well-being of the residents.
Mipec Riverside Long Bien
Mipec Riverside Long Bien
Traffic connection
Located just near to the Red River and not far from the center of the city center, Mipec Riverside apartment has convenient transportation connection to the surrounding area
Mipec Riverside Long Bien in connection with other places
Mipec Riverside Long Bien in connection with other places
Services for residences
In order to providing the best best serve to all the residents living in Mipec Riverside, the developer has designed the area from the 1st to 6th floors of the tower for commercial and recreational services, including full facilities and utilities for daily life, such as:
Shopping centers, supermarkets, 3D cinemas
Fitness center, international standard swimming pool, spa
Community living area, restaurant
Commercial center area
Living area
The best point of Mipec Riverside project is the location, being just beside the romantic Red River, residents will enjoy a fresh and close to nature.
Swimming pool Mipec Riverside
Swimming pool Mipec Riverside
Modern, smart design help maximize the area of each room, window, balcony and natural light, making the Mipec Riverside apartment very airy, flexible and convenient.