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Why are the riverside projects attract more customers

(Update: 10/19/2015 1:02:06 AM)

part 1 : relation to feng shui

Apartments facing waterfront (river view, lake view, ...) always have higher prices than conventional apartments. However, the customers are still willing to "seal the deal" on these living spaces. The cause of this poses question mark for many people.

Let’s discover the factors affecting the purchasing decisions of customers who are fengshui oriented.

Houses that match "gold standard" in Feng Shui

According to feng shui notions of Asians in general and Vietnam in particular, houses standing in front of large water will have aquatic energy and that should attract finance; if the behind faces mountains or may be based on one or is located on a flat ground will create a firm foundation for the house. Therefore, houses with "moutain founded, water fronted" is considered the gold standard in feng shui.

According to scientists, houses located along rivers, streams, lakes, seas will have more ion capable of purification, the house atmosphere is fresh in the region making it feel closer to nature.

It’s not easy to find homes that matches the golden standard of fong shui. This is also the reason why many projects with good locations along the river or lakes will always attract a number of excited customers

With Mipec Riverside project, the investor Mipec ( Military’s Petrochemical JSC) has hit the target; with tastes and psychology of the customer to own a prime location, perfect landscaping, fresh air, open space and a urban utility systems, a truly modern class environment.